Look Up In the Sky @ KJIm!

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s New Release Saturday!

And out now we have…

KJIm Duchess Jacket Ad

First up we have the Duchess Jacket!  Super fancy and comes with or without the bow! All on a color change hud!  Now while cute lil jacket fits TD Baby, TD Kid and TD Fitted, the larger sizes actually work really well with Bebe Toddler as well if you want to wear them over clothing! Little Miss Pookie Pickle Juice is rocking her fur jacket over a MaPetit Gown (exclusively sized for the Bebe Toddler Body), keeping it fancy!

KJIm Baby Boujee Ad

Now speaking of fancy, we’ve got Baby Boujee…an adorable tribute to a meme we saw on the interwebs called “Daycare After Taxes Drop!” We’ve added a purse and some boots (no bling, sorry) but we wanted to make something cute for the kidlets to show out when they’re out at Babychella!

KJIm Rissa Mommy & Me Bikini Ad - 2

Next Up we have KJIm’s first Mommy & Me item: Rissa’s Mommy & Me Bikini!  The adult version only comes in Maitreya (sorry non-Maitreya mommies) and the kids versions are for TD and Bebe Fitted bodies!  Eleven designs, one hud!  Definitely pick you up this cute outfit to twin up your girls!

And while you’re there, the pose pictured in the ad is ALSO for sale! It’s called Beach Trio and is sold in the exact same spot as the outfit on the new releases wall; chose pose only for the pose!

KJIm Learn to Fly - Gacha Key

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And while we’re on the topic of parents and kids, definitely check out our newest pose gacha: Learn to Fly!  This 7 pose series is designed to help you teach your babies how to soar!  With pillow props and rings for your wonder twins, you are in for a treat and a world of fun making their superhero adventures come to life!  This pose gacha can be found on the gacha wall in the back of the store!

KJim Doesn't Know Pregnancy Ad

And last but certainly not least, surprise your boo with the news you’re expecting in a photo op to die for!  Inspired from a few RL photos of friends, I had to bring this in here.  Much love and appreciation to Mrs. Kenya Calael for snapping the photo!  Out now on the new arrivals wall at the front of the store!

Now we still have other releases floating around the store and we plan on releasing a lot more. So be sure to subscribe to this blog or follow our Flickr for up to date information or better still join our inworld group!

But definitely pay us a visit at our new location and grab up your goodies! Thank you for supporting KJIm and have a great weekend!

♥ Team KJIm

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