New Group Gift!

Merry Christmas from KJ Immortal!

This group gift was made with our fathers, grandfathers, big brothers, and uncles in mind.

KJIm A Father's Love Ad

A Father’s Love Family Pose is a simple, but sweet, intimate portrait showing one of the many moments a father loves his child.  With so much happening in the world today, it’s important to capture the moments we can with the family we make for ourselves both on and off the grid.

This moment is inspired by a portrait of a father and his son and in tribute to Nick Cannon and his recently departed son, Zen.  We hope that you enjoy the pose and remember to cherish each moment you have with the family you make.  Time isn’t infinite. Love…is.

From our hearts to yours.

❤ Team KJIm

Hanukkah Web Pacifier Themes

As the holiday season continues to roll on in full force, KJIm would like to extend friendly holiday greetings to one and all starting with Hanukkah!


Happy Hanukkah!

In celebration, KJIm has created 3 Hannukah themes for the [Starries] Web Pacifier!

KJIm Web Paci Ad - Dreidel

KJIm Web Paci Ad - Peace Dove

KJIm Web Paci Ad - Menorah

As part of our holiday series, these free holiday paci themes will ONLY work with the [Starries] Web Pacifier.

To get your own paci, visit the Second Life Marketplace here (the paci is a free gift but is 1L in order for you to gift it to someone else).

You can pick up our pacifier themes either in our inworld location or via the Starries website

We hope you enjoy these themes and there will be more holiday-themed items coming!

♥ Team KJIm