FAQ & Store Policy

Updated July 10, 2019


  • REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: All sales are final and not available for refund or exchange (with the exception of double purchases). Double purchases can be refunded within 30 days of purchase. Include your login name, date of each purchase, name of the item(s) and the transaction numbers (from your secondlife.com transaction history) on a NC and send to Kilolo Jenkins. Lack of information will delay and/or void your request.
  • REDELIVERIES: All no-transfer KJIm items are available for redelivery. You can use the vendors and select the redelivery option; use a KJIm redelivery terminal or … if purchased via marketplace … you can go to past orders and search to have your item redelivered. Gacha items are not able to be redelivered.
  • PERMISSIONS: With the exception of gift cards, couples packs, and parent & child packages, all items are NO Transfer. The aforementioned items will be the only exception.  For gifting of no transfer items, please visit our inworld location(s) or marketplace.
  • GIFTING: Unless otherwise stated, gifting options are available via Marketplace and/or on inworld vendors.
  • GIFT CARDS: KJIm Gift Cards accepted at all locations. You may not use gift cards to purchase other gift cards or group gifts.
  • GACHA: All KJIm gacha items are subject to fair prize distribution. Our gacha items are always transfer, no copy.  Others may sell their gacha winnings but this is at your own risk. We will not replace or repair any items purchased through a third party.
  • SELECTION/CATALOG: Inworld shops carry a limited collection. Older selections & our full catalog (with the exception of gacha items) are available on Marketplace.
  • GROUP FEE: Group Fee is L$0 & is open unless there is a free gift in the notices. This is limited to those already in group at time of release.
  • BLOGGERS: All blogger requests will be carefully screened for content and quality before adding to roster.
  • CUSTOM ORDERS: Yes, I take custom orders. Pricing is based on time, materials and level of difficulty.  I will always try to keep my pricing fair.
  • All KJIm products are only sold by Kilolo Jenkins, TheAccountant Banx, KJImmortal Resident or Aura Damour. Gacha items may be resold via third parties (buy at your own risk. See our section about gachas for our policy on items not purchased directly from KJIm).

While I do receive offline messages, please send urgent matters (ex. Transaction/product issues) in a NC directly to Kilolo Jenkins clearly stating the issue and you will receive a response within 48 hrs.  If you haven’t received a response within that time, please send NC again as deliveries do tend to get capped.  Thank you.

*Terms and Policies are subject to change without notice. Updates will be sent via group and/or subscrib-o-matic as well as posted here and on our FB page in the event there is a change.

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