An Update & a Christmas Sale!

New pacis, an update and a sale (oh my)!

Welcome to the end of 2021!! So many things going on and I hope your holiday season goes well! So…let’s get into it!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• PRODUCT UPDATE: BABY’S FIRST ORNAMENT!! •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

An oldie but goodie gets an update!

KJIm Baby's First Ornament Ad 2021

Originally released in 2019, Baby’s First Ornament has been updated and optimized for the new LullaBeebs Newborn Avi!!

So now, inside of this glorious package you’ll have poses for TD/Bebe baby bodies as well as Lullabeebs Avis!

As an added bonus, we’ve added mirror poses as well and two options for the Lullabeebs poses: one with and one without the bowl!

For those who have already bought the pose in previous years, your update has already been sent.  If you didn’t receive it, please be sure to visit our mainstore and hit that redelivery terminal to get your updated copy!

For those looking for a new pose to add to your collection, you’re in luck because this is part of our Christmas/Winter sale!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• CHRISTMAS POSE/WINTER POSE SALE •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

KJIm Dec 2021 Xmas Pose Sale

From December 12 – December 31, 2021, we are having a sale on all of our winter and Christmas poses!  This is perfect for families as they’re all for kids!

KJIm Holiday Wonder Pose Set Ad Fatpack 2021Holiday Wonder (sold individually or as a fatpack)

KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Fatpack

Dear Santa (sold individually or as a fatpack)

kjim curious crawler pose ad

Curious Crawler Pose

KJIm Poses Walk Me Home Ad

Walk Me Home Pose

… all for sale at 25% off for group members and 10% off for non-group members!  Just wear your tag to get your discount!


KJIm has added two final free pacis to our collection of free web paci themes for the [STARRIES] Free Web Paci!

KJIm Web Paci Ad - Star of David

KJIm Web Paci Ad - Baby's 1st Hanukkah

Just like our other themes, these are free of charge and available through the Starries website as well as at the main store!

As always, happy shopping and we hope you have a joyous holiday season.

♥ Team KJIm

New Releases for Pride Festival

Maaan I have been busy! I have been tooling away at making some new releases for this week’s upcoming Pride Festival!

The Pride Festival will be from 06/26/2019 – 06/30/2019!!

KJIm, in partnership with The Baptiste Family Foundation are sponsoring a booth at this week’s fundraising event: The Pride Festival!

Donations collected throughout the event will be going to Arcigay LGBTQ Association!

KJim Bent Snapback Ad Pride 2019

This unisex cap comes with a resizer and a hud to switch between all 6 colors of the pride flag and a bonus selection of the pride rainbow on the bill.

KJIm Party Girl Top Ad Pride

This adorable halter top will make your body pop in ways you never imagined. Materials enabled, this will give a nice shine under the lights as you dance the night away at the Pride Festival!

KJIm Fanta Jumpsuit Ad

This super chic and sexy number comes in 3 pants options: plain, cream pinstripes or black pinstripes.  The hud can switch colors for the jumpsuit, pin and the leather sash bow! Look fabulous and chic while showing off your pride!

KJIm Grooves Belly Chain Ad

This adorable bellychain comes with pearls that dangle along your waistline in just the right way.  With a color-change hud, you can rock the rainbow or you can pick your favorite color from it!

KJIm Pride Nails Ad

KJIm has released a new set of nails just for pride!  The 6 individual colors of the pride rainbow, a plain black and white option as well as two triangle options and 2 specially designed rainbow geometric line arts just for you! On top of THAT…we have 3 mixes to choose from for the Maitreya nails only!  The omega applier will fit perfectly for all other bodies.

KJIm Pride Barcode Tapestry Ad

And last but not least is a re-release of an older item but this time…IT’S A GIFT! Our rainbow barcode tapestry is up for grabs during this event with a customization option available as well!  To find out more, read the NC included with your tapestry!

For more information about this week’s pride festival, their shopping/gift guide and how YOU can help or to find out more about their fundraiser, please visit:

SLUrl: The Pride Festival (open on the 26th)

KJIm Helps Lighting the Way!

Autism Awareness – Lighting The Way 2019 opens this Friday, April 5, 2019!!

And these are our two new releases out of KJIm!

KJIm LTW Nails Ad maitreyaKJIm LTW Nails Ad tdKJim Bent Snapback Ad LTW

The LTW Autism Awareness nails come in Toddleedoo, Maitreya and Omega appliers so that your nails are sure to go with any hands you may have on.

The Toddleedoo set contains all single nail options and 2 crazy nail mix appliers; same for the Maitreya hud.

The Omega nail appliers are one-color applications with 11 choices available for your hands and feet.

All sales go to charity!

For more information, visit:

Event starts 04/05/2019 at