KJIm Joins Ruby O’Rama Game @ TD 10th Anniversary Fair!

KJIm is pleased to announce that they will be participating in the Ruby O’ Rama game going on right now at the ToddleeDoo 10th Anniversary Fair!

KJIm Bailey Boy Shape Ad

And this prize is just for the boyyyyys!  That’s right! Something for the boys!
This handsome little devil looks sweet enough to get away with the worst pranks possible but still mischievous enough to make you look twice.
The Bailey Boy Shape is made to work with ToddleeDoo’s newest release: The Apple Head, which features skin options for SLUV, TD UV+, and Lelutka EvoX Skins! 😮 😮
You can find this shape at the ToddleeDoo 10th Anniversary Fair by playing the Ruby O’ Rama Hunt! Only 75 rubies!!

New Shape, New Poses & A Sale (Oh My!)

As we enter the home stretch of 2021 with a few shopping months left, we figured we’d have a sale!

KJIm Sept 2021 Maternity Pose Sale

All maternity poses (with the exception of ‘A Quiet Moment’) are on sale for 10% for non-group members; 25% for group members, for the month of September at our inworld location ONLY!

We also have a new shape out for the menfolk!!

KJIm Carrick Shape Ad

Our newest addition to our shapes department, Carrick is a youthful, athletically built young man who is dying to bust out on the grid at any function, be it shooting hoops with his boys or strutting on the catwalk for modeling.  Available both inworld and on the marketplace!  NOTE: Demo doesn’t include the style card and parts of the body/torso are intentionally misshapen so as to focus on the facial construct of the shape for you to preview.

And lastly a pose pack to help you SOAR!

KJIm Learn to Fly - FatpackAd

With the ending of gachas in SL, we have made our Learn to Fly Pose Set available for individual purchases as well as a discounted fatpack!

Available both inworld and on the marketplace, channel your inner superhero and teach your baby how to fly hiiiigh above the sky! Or take flight with your partner in crime with our Wonder Twins Pose!

Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting KJIm!

Emmie Flynn Needs Our Help (Auction to Help Our Bunny)!

Our friend Emmie needs YOUR help!


Emmie Flynn

This is Emmie Flynn!

Emmie Flynn (emmiebunny resident), a very sweet and adorable little one in our SL kid community has health issues that have prevented her from working for awhile. She has an insurance bill coming due in 6 days that is absolutely necessary for her to continue receiving the medical treatments she so needs. Emmie is a friend to everyone she meets and her kindness knows no limits. She would never ask for help, so we are asking for her.

Emmie Auction Ad2

From noon November 1st until midnight November 3rd, we are holding an auction with all proceeds going to help out our friend, Emmie.

Emmie Auction Ad2KJIm has a 500L gift card & 2 Limited Edition DFS Richmond Survival Camp (RSC) Chocolate Turkish Delight trays up for grabs! You can keep all of this or share with a friend!

Auction winners will be announced Monday, November 4, 2019!

If you prefer to simply donate, there are donation kiosks set up at the auction site!

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tranquil%20Lake/128/210/29

New Location, New Items & New Sale!

What’s up peeps?? So big news!  KJIm is now in a monthly mainstore event: The Stores & Creators List weekend sale!  At least once a month, an item from my shop will be on sale! You can tp to our mainstore here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zelopian/87/71/2247

This week, our 3 popular family wedding poses are out and available for 50% off!

Just make sure you’re a member of The Stores & Creators List inworld group and you can take these poses home for your special day at half the cost!

Also out and newly added to the shop is our reworked and updated Ali Mermaid Gown!

KJIm Ali Mermaid Dress Ad 2019.png

Updated to fit Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, eBody, Tonic & TMP this gorgeous velvety gown will fit you just right and keep you looking elegant while giving you that vintage throwback feel!  Slip into this lovely dress made to hug the curves of your shape just right! All colors on one hud! How can you go wrong?

And speaking of shapes, we have 4 new shapes out in the shapes area!

Two male shapes for the Belleza Body, an Hourglass and a Maitreya shape!  All with style cards with purchase!

All of these items are available at our new mainstore on the Zelopian sim!  Two floors and everything is in their own departments! Some of our walls are a bit bare but they will be filling up as we come out with new product this year, so definitely stay tuned!

TP to Mainstore: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zelopian/87/71/2247


KJIm Premieres 4 New Releases at For the Love of the Devil Event!!

Hellooooo!!! Happy November everyone!

I hope this part of the year is treating everyone well!  I have some new releases for you and they’re actually really special because for the first couple of weeks of their release, all money will be going to help raise money for a fellow SL resident!

My sister, Devil Damone (known by all as Andrea Damone) was hospitalized earlier this year for what should have been a very simple procedure that resulted in her being placed into a coma for several weeks and ultimately suffering a major hit financially with mounting hospital bills.

Her friends and family are doing everything they can to help her get back on her feet and hopefully defray some of her costs that are still ongoing for her recovery.  For the Love of the Devil is that event!  One Hundred (100) percent of all sales will be going to help our sister and friend and I am extremely honored to be taking part.

So I bring you these four new releases!

KJIm Shapes Mobeany Ad

Mobeany is a petite but sporty cutie who can run with the big dogs or simply on her own.  Optimized to be used with the Catwa Catya Bento Head and the Maitreya Mesh Body, this beauty is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!  Style card, no mod and modifiable version is included in this pack.

KJIm Shapes Gail Ad

The Gail Shape is sleek, petite, a little less sporty and softer.  With a smaller bust but still curvy shape, you can look both sensual and delicate all at once! Optimized to be used with the Catwa Catya Bento Head and the Maitreya Mesh Body, this sultry seductress will most definitely lull any onlooker into a stunning gaze.  Style card, no mod and modifiable version is included in this pack.

KJIm Kids Shapes Amara Ad

What started out as a fun shape for my little sister to help her blog a skin turned into a bit of a bigger adventure!  Meet the Amara girl shape! This spunky little cutie patootie will not only allow you to look adorable, but let the world know you are one tough little cookie! Style card, no modify and modify versions included in the pack. This shape was optimized for Toddleedoo Alice mesh head and the Toddleedoo mesh body.

KJIm Men's Casual Sweaters Ad fatpack

Last but not least are my favorite sweaters so far this season! The Men’s Casual Sweaters!  Available for purchase in 15 separate colors or in this all-in-one hudded fatpack, your man, father, little brother or insert other important man in your life will not only keep warm but look good doing it this season!

More poses will be released a little later this month. But for now, head on down to the “For the Love of the Devil” event starting on 11/04/2017!  When you land, turn around (the Cynful item at the landing point will be to your left) and walk out and to the right to the last booth on the first row to find these awesome releases!

And then stay and continue shopping. Literally EVERY item sold on this sim for the next week and some change will all go directly to help our beloved Devil and we appreciate all of your help and support!

Stay tuned and see you guys soon!

Much love!!

Miss Kilo

New Release!

Helloooo!!  KJIm is venturing into shapes territory! 😮

So when my little sister came to me saying she needed a boy shape in order to blog a skin for one of her sponsors, I never thought that it’d go over so well!  So this one, is for the boys!

KJIm Kids Tony Shape Ad

Introducing the Tony Boy Shape!  This adorable little shape was designed to fit the Alex Toddleedoo Bento Head. Fitted to also work with the Toddleedoo mesh body, this pint-sized little man is bound to make all the ladies go awww and all the fellas give you fist bumps and high fives for looking so well put together!

The demo is made to show the head as actual size (body deformed) and the style card only comes with purchase of the actual shape.  The shape itself comes in a mod and no-mod version.

Located on the top floor of our mainstore (SLurl is on the right side of blog), definitely come to check it out!  Hope you like it!

❤ Miss Kilo