New Releases Just In Time for Christmas!

It’s puppy wishes & new toy dreams!

The Dear Santa Pose Series is out NOW just in time for Christmas!

KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Pose 1KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Pose 2KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Pose 3KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Pose 4KJIm Dear Santa Pose Set Ad Pose 5

Optimized to fit both TD and TD using ShrinkeeDoo, this pose is great for kids of all sizes!

Each pose is equipped with:
– Pose Ball
– Mirrored Poses
– Resizeable props
– Blank texture for you to make your own letters via Gimp and/or Photoshop

Please note: Land Impact varies with each pose.

You can buy these poses individually or in a fat pack!

Available inworld and on marketplace!

Take pictures! Share on our Flickr! We’d love to see your letters to Santa!

KJIm Black Friday Sale 2020

KJIm Black Friday 2020 Sale Flyer

Why leave the confines of your virtual living space and hit the grid when you can shop online on marketplace!  That’s right!

We are having a Black Friday Sale on our Marketplace ONLY!!

All children’s items (with the exception of our two newest releases: Duchess Fur Jacket & Baby Boujee Outfit – both incredibly affordable) will be on sale at 50% off from today, November 26, 2020 though November 30, 2020!

After the sale select items will be retired from both inworld and marketplace!

So make sure you stock up now and have a happy holiday!

Baby Boujee Updated!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• PRODUCT UPDATE •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

KJ Immortal Update! ♥

KJIm Baby Boujee - Update!

We just updated our newest fit Baby Boujee to not only replace the older non-fitted versions but also add in a new size!!

That’s right!

Baby Boujee fits:
– TD Fitted (fits both ToddleeDoo Baby & Kid Fitted Bodies)
– Bebe Toddler
– Bebe YOUTH (***NEW SIZE***)

Arm warmers, leg warmers, purse, boots and the hat are all resizeable!

The update should send to those who’ve already purchased it. If not, please visit any KJIm vendor and redelivery terminal to get your update delivered right away!

And if you haven’t picked it up yet, hit the main store or our MP and grab yours!

♥ Team KJIm

ToddleeWeen is HERE!

OctoberWeen Continues!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• TODDLEEWEEN HUNT •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

October 20 – November 4, 2020, KJIm is going to be one of the stops on this year’s ToddleeWeen hunt!

KJIm Toddleeween 2020 Composite

Up for grabs from KJim are our Pumpkin Pose Pack! Four singular poses and a large group photo with additional items included depending on the pose!

Starting Point:

The rules are very simple: buy a hud, wear it and accept tp permissions, tp around to all of the places on the hud. WAIT 2 mins for the prize server to register you being there (be sure to look around the stores in case you are in shopping mode as well), collect your gift from the hud after 2 mins!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• TREATS FOR TOTS •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

In September, KJIm was pleased to announce that we joined in Treats for Tots: an inworld fundraising campaign to help Toys for Tots, a real life non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that less advantaged young people are able to have a wonderful holiday season. Presented by Nuggets Sim, Treats for Tots is holding a month-long event for the month of October that includes: games, rides, quests, live music, and more to raise funds for Toys for Tots.

By raising the money in October, it ensures that the funds are sent early to Toys for Tots so that it can be used now when funds are needed most to purchase gifts and deliver them to kids in need.

Our store, in partnership with Longfall Gym, Longfall DaFresh Market, Crow Kingdom beYou Affiliate, beWell Care Center, Luminous Skies beYou Market & Pure Power Streams put out Treats for Tots kiosks to help collect donations!

In addition, KJIm released a few exclusive, limited edition items just for this fundraiser!

KJIm Lil Tastemaker Halloween LE AdLil Tastemaker Chef Set (Limited Edition) – an adorable set of halloween themed aprons & chef hats for your favorite little chef! Whether they’re making a pb&j sammie or whipping up some wicked spell in the cauldron, this chef set is sure to have them doing it in style!

KJIm Chill Chair Halloween LE Ad Kids Chill Chair (Limited Edition) – Our chill chair is back with a special seasonal decorative theme! Got your room decked out for the month of October? This awesome chair will fit right in!

T4T Halloween Typer AdHalloween Typer – This wonderful gadget is a prize from the Treats for Tots Ghostie Hunt! Head over to the Treats for Tots sim, grab a hud and start hunting all over the grid for little ghosties! Finish the hut and the door to the prize vault opens here you’ll find this and many other neat gifties for all of your hard work!

But be sure to visit the Treats for Tots sim before month end! Because once this fundraiser is over…these items will be gone…foreverrrr (MWAHAHAHAHAA)!

To participate in the hunt or check out Dino nuggets, please visit here:

While you’re out exploring, please pay a visit to our fundraising partners and check out their items and wares! They make great things and offer great services from music streams for DJs, a place to workout for our fitness buffs and of course foods and supplies for the beYou RP living system!

Well that’s it for now!

More releases are coming soon including stuff for the fellas! In the meantime, happy shopping and have a great day!

Also remember if you like shooting piccies and have a flickr, you can share your photos of you rocking KJIm products in our Flickr pool (see below)!

Thank you for supporting KJIm!

KJIm Participating in Treats for Tots!

KJIm is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming month-long Treats for Tots Fundraiser, Oct 1 – Oct 31, 2020!

That’s right! We are releasing two exclusives for the event! Aaand we are putting 4 of our favorite themed poses out for sale at the event as well!  100% of all sales will be going to the Treats for Tots fundraiser.

KJIm Lil Tastemaker Halloween LE Ad

The Tastemaker Chef Set – Halloween LE is a six-themed Halloween set that will turn any little one into Chef OMG!  Fits TD Fitted, Bebe Toddler and Bebe Youth!  The chef’s hat and mitts are resizeable.

KJIm Chill Chair Halloween LE Ad

The Chill Chair is BACK! And this Halloween Limited edition chair will have many colors for the cushions and a Halloween theme set of colors for the chair. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, the above poses are for sale at 50% off ONLY at Treats for Tots!  And 100% of the sales on this sim will be going to charity.

You can find these and other great items out for the month of October at the Treats for Tots Sim starting October 1!

KJIm: Halloween Typer (Treats for Tots Hunt Prize)

And our Halloween Typer is one of many prizes that will be available at the end of the Treats for Tots Hunt going on at the same time!  These cute little typers will appear and disappear as you talk to your friends!  So definitely make sure you do the hunt!

In addition to these items coming up in October, we are already in full swing of our donation drive!

Donation Drive? Yeeees, donation drive! All over the grid are these gorgeous orange and yellow kiosks that teams of groups are using to raise funds for Treats for Tots. We’re almost at 300,000L already!  But we won’t stop til the end of October.

KJIm has teamed up with a few of our local businesses and friends to help the cause.  So feel free to stop by any of these locations and find our kiosks to donate! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

KJIm, in partnership with with a few other SL businesses have these wonderful kiosks out to help raise money for Treats for Tots and we’re hoping you’ll swing by and help team KJIm help Dino Nuggets raise money for this amazing fundraiser!

There are the locations of our kiosks:

Feel free to stop by any of these locations and drop a little linden love in the bright orange kiosks!

Thank you ahead of time for your support and see you the first at Treats for Tots!

♥ Team KJIm

Look Up In the Sky @ KJIm!

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s New Release Saturday!

And out now we have…

KJIm Duchess Jacket Ad

First up we have the Duchess Jacket!  Super fancy and comes with or without the bow! All on a color change hud!  Now while cute lil jacket fits TD Baby, TD Kid and TD Fitted, the larger sizes actually work really well with Bebe Toddler as well if you want to wear them over clothing! Little Miss Pookie Pickle Juice is rocking her fur jacket over a MaPetit Gown (exclusively sized for the Bebe Toddler Body), keeping it fancy!

KJIm Baby Boujee Ad

Now speaking of fancy, we’ve got Baby Boujee…an adorable tribute to a meme we saw on the interwebs called “Daycare After Taxes Drop!” We’ve added a purse and some boots (no bling, sorry) but we wanted to make something cute for the kidlets to show out when they’re out at Babychella!

KJIm Rissa Mommy & Me Bikini Ad - 2

Next Up we have KJIm’s first Mommy & Me item: Rissa’s Mommy & Me Bikini!  The adult version only comes in Maitreya (sorry non-Maitreya mommies) and the kids versions are for TD and Bebe Fitted bodies!  Eleven designs, one hud!  Definitely pick you up this cute outfit to twin up your girls!

And while you’re there, the pose pictured in the ad is ALSO for sale! It’s called Beach Trio and is sold in the exact same spot as the outfit on the new releases wall; chose pose only for the pose!

KJIm Learn to Fly - Gacha Key

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And while we’re on the topic of parents and kids, definitely check out our newest pose gacha: Learn to Fly!  This 7 pose series is designed to help you teach your babies how to soar!  With pillow props and rings for your wonder twins, you are in for a treat and a world of fun making their superhero adventures come to life!  This pose gacha can be found on the gacha wall in the back of the store!

KJim Doesn't Know Pregnancy Ad

And last but certainly not least, surprise your boo with the news you’re expecting in a photo op to die for!  Inspired from a few RL photos of friends, I had to bring this in here.  Much love and appreciation to Mrs. Kenya Calael for snapping the photo!  Out now on the new arrivals wall at the front of the store!

Now we still have other releases floating around the store and we plan on releasing a lot more. So be sure to subscribe to this blog or follow our Flickr for up to date information or better still join our inworld group!

But definitely pay us a visit at our new location and grab up your goodies! Thank you for supporting KJIm and have a great weekend!

♥ Team KJIm

New Release & a Sneak Peek coming to RSC!

It’s almost time for camp and KJIm has a new item out just in time! Out now at Richmond Survival Camp’s Camp Store!

KJIm Ram & Power Cell Typer Ad

These cute typers will disappear when you’re not typing and reappear when you type! With multi-colored power cells and RAM that has been ripped from our robot enemies, people will ALWAYS know when you are getting ready to tell them how ya feel!

They will be 75L & giftable! Lake/190/126/2000

And now for a sneek peak!

KJIm Chill Chair RSC

What better way to mark your adventure and recount camp tales to your family and friends than from the comfort of your own commemorative RSC Chill Chair!

But you can’t just buy this one, kids. This is only for campers with enough camp tokens!

So make sure you save up your tokens and grab your own chair at the end of your camp adventure in the camp store!

New Items for RSC 2020!

Richmond Survival Camp is quickly approaching and we figured you might get a little hungry while you’re waiting for your bus to camp! Soooo…we’ve packed you a great lunch in one of our themed lunch boxes!!

Five great designs and PLENTY to gnosh on while you head to camp!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fruits, Pizza, Snacks & Beverages; what more could you ask for?!?

Head on over to the RSC Camp Store & get yourself (or your kids, siblings, nieces/nephews or friends) a lunch box full of good nummies for YOU!

By clicking the lunchbox you can eat any of the following by selecting them:

  • Fruits
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Orange
    • Strawberry
  • Drinks
    • FayMay’s Springy Water
    • FayMay’s Choccy Milk
    • FM’s Strawberry Milk
  • Snacks
    • FayMay’s Wavy Chips
    • FayMay’s Choco Chip DLux
      (on attach both items will give you an edible cookie to add and eat)
    • FM’s Sprinkly Cupcake
    • FM’s Nilla Cupcake
  • Meal
    • FayMay’s Peppie Pizza
    • FayMay’s Cheesie Sammie

NOTE: 95% of all sales will go to directly to Richmond Survival Camp to help fund this and future camp experiences!!

TP to Camp Store Booth

Getting Tasty for Flourish Sales Studio!

It’s Cuffin’ Season! And that means it is time to get cozy with old boos, new boos and a few not so sure boos!

And KJIm has got you covered!  Coming to Flouris Sales Studio this month we have a new pose exclusively for the event at a promo premier price!

Introducing Taste Test Couples Pose!

KJIm Taste Test Couples Pose

This pose comes with hand props, a mirror pose and an alternative pose for the sitter to accommodate bare arms.  And it is premiering on the 23rd at Flourish at a promo discount! But that’s not all…we have five other poses out to help you capture those cuffing moments with your boothang!

From Canoodling to face gazing, KJIm’s got you covered as things heat up in our studio just as the temperature drops outside.

So come to Flourish on the 23rd of this month and grab these great poses; all discounted during the event! But act fast. As soon as the event is over, prices will go back up as they return to their home sim and marketplace!

Flourish is a monthly discount sales event where all items will be priced between 70-99L for new, old, retextured/recolored or a special color pack on items such as hair, clothes, tattoos, poses, home & decor etc.

You can hitch a ride here: River/200/239/29


Emmie Flynn Needs Our Help (Auction to Help Our Bunny)!

Our friend Emmie needs YOUR help!


Emmie Flynn

This is Emmie Flynn!

Emmie Flynn (emmiebunny resident), a very sweet and adorable little one in our SL kid community has health issues that have prevented her from working for awhile. She has an insurance bill coming due in 6 days that is absolutely necessary for her to continue receiving the medical treatments she so needs. Emmie is a friend to everyone she meets and her kindness knows no limits. She would never ask for help, so we are asking for her.

Emmie Auction Ad2

From noon November 1st until midnight November 3rd, we are holding an auction with all proceeds going to help out our friend, Emmie.

Emmie Auction Ad2KJIm has a 500L gift card & 2 Limited Edition DFS Richmond Survival Camp (RSC) Chocolate Turkish Delight trays up for grabs! You can keep all of this or share with a friend!

Auction winners will be announced Monday, November 4, 2019!

If you prefer to simply donate, there are donation kiosks set up at the auction site!