Making Omega Nail Mixes (Tutorial)

Have you always wanted to know how to mix and match your nails like the nail mixes you see ladies who wear Maitreya are able to?

Do you love your old nail polish appliers and still want to use them? If your nail polish appliers are Omega compatible and you are using Omega compatible nail add-ons, you can not only use those old Omega-Friendly nail polish appliers but also can mix and match your nail colors on individual nails!

This tutorial will show you how to use a combination of your Omega Nails Controller Hud (for nails that come with one) and your Omega Nail Polish appliers in order to make beautiful combinations.

What is Omega and how does it work?

Short Answer: the omega applier system allows you to wear appliers for clothing & cosmetic enhancements that might not have a custom applier for the body part you wish to use them on. To find out if the item you wish to use is Omega Compatible, refer to your item’s notecards or the store owner/customer support staff to find out more. Not all bodies, heads, or other items are Omega-compatible. For more information on Omega itself, click here.

How Does It Work?

For this example, I am going to be using N.Kolour+KOSMETIK Omega Tulip Nails – XLong // Legacy Nails.  You can purchase them inworld at N.Kolour’s Mainstore or on their Marketplace. But this will work with any Omega Compatible Nail Kit.

When you purchase your Omega nails, you will receive the nails and a controller hud which will allow you to activate them (see below).

Omega Nails Tutorial fig 1

With N’Kolour’s included Omega Controller hud, you can choose from the following options:

  1. activate (nail turns hot pink) or deactivate (nail stays gray) each nail by clicking it;
  2. activate (nail turns hot pink) or deactivate (nail stays gray) each hand by choosing Left/Right On/Off; or
  3. activate (nail turns hot pink) or deactivate (nail stays gray) all nails by choosing All On/Off

Once you’ve made your choice, wear your Omega Nail Applier Hud.  In this example, I’m going to use my KJIm: Omega Pride Nails 2022 Hud, sold both inworld and on the marketplace. You can use any Omega Nail applier to do this.

By clicking each color, your nail color will apply to only the nails that have been activated. If none have been activated, then it won’t apply. As you choose which nail color you’d like to apply, the script will tell you the choice you’ve made privately in nearby chat.

How do you Mix and Match Your Nails?

This is really easy, but you want to make sure you’re wearing both your nail controller hud and your nail polish applier when doing this.

  1. On your omega nail controller (the one that came with your nails), deactivate all nails.
  2. Select each nail that you’d like to apply a different color to on the omega controller hud.
  3. On your nail polish hud, click the color you want to apply to the nail. Do this as many times as you need.

And voila! You have now mixed and matched your nail polish!