KJIm Participating in Treats for Tots!

KJIm is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming month-long Treats for Tots Fundraiser, Oct 1 – Oct 31, 2020!

That’s right! We are releasing two exclusives for the event! Aaand we are putting 4 of our favorite themed poses out for sale at the event as well!  100% of all sales will be going to the Treats for Tots fundraiser.

KJIm Lil Tastemaker Halloween LE Ad

The Tastemaker Chef Set – Halloween LE is a six-themed Halloween set that will turn any little one into Chef OMG!  Fits TD Fitted, Bebe Toddler and Bebe Youth!  The chef’s hat and mitts are resizeable.

KJIm Chill Chair Halloween LE Ad

The Chill Chair is BACK! And this Halloween Limited edition chair will have many colors for the cushions and a Halloween theme set of colors for the chair. 

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In addition, the above poses are for sale at 50% off ONLY at Treats for Tots!  And 100% of the sales on this sim will be going to charity.

You can find these and other great items out for the month of October at the Treats for Tots Sim starting October 1!

KJIm: Halloween Typer (Treats for Tots Hunt Prize)

And our Halloween Typer is one of many prizes that will be available at the end of the Treats for Tots Hunt going on at the same time!  These cute little typers will appear and disappear as you talk to your friends!  So definitely make sure you do the hunt!

In addition to these items coming up in October, we are already in full swing of our donation drive!

Donation Drive? Yeeees, donation drive! All over the grid are these gorgeous orange and yellow kiosks that teams of groups are using to raise funds for Treats for Tots. We’re almost at 300,000L already!  But we won’t stop til the end of October.

KJIm has teamed up with a few of our local businesses and friends to help the cause.  So feel free to stop by any of these locations and find our kiosks to donate! 

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KJIm, in partnership with with a few other SL businesses have these wonderful kiosks out to help raise money for Treats for Tots and we’re hoping you’ll swing by and help team KJIm help Dino Nuggets raise money for this amazing fundraiser!

There are the locations of our kiosks:

Feel free to stop by any of these locations and drop a little linden love in the bright orange kiosks!

Thank you ahead of time for your support and see you the first at Treats for Tots!

♥ Team KJIm

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