New Release Just for Boys!!

I’m so excited to share this new release with you all!

KJIm Kids Street Rat Costume Ad.png

Finally a cosplay outfit befitting that underestimated diamond in the rough of a young man who went on to do great things in the desert!

This fits toddleedoo baby and kid (non-fitted body) so you’ll have to use version 3.9.1 or earlier for a perfect fit.

Out now on the marketplace you can get it directly via clicking here!

Hopefully your little Sultan in the making will find this delightful and add it to their cosplay closet!  Have a great one and thank you for shopping at KJIm!


New Family Pose on Marketplace!

Happy holidays! Holidays inspire togetherness and of course good will towards all! So without further ado…

KJIm Poses Walk Me Home Ad.png

Available now on marketplace for only 75L!  This adorable little family pose will allow you to take the hand of your little one and guide them home.  As always, the pose is ready to use upon purchase and includes a loose version of the animations in case you want to put them into something personal.

You can find the pose here.

Also don’t forget that our men’s promo ends in TWO days!  Get the man (or men) in your life one of our newest releases: The Men’s Casual Sweater available in 15 colors and a fatpack (fatpack available at half price until noon on 12/13/17)!

KJIm Men's Casual Sweaters Ad fatpack

Check the link on the right for our marketplace store! Happy shopping!

❤ Miss Kilo



Today we are rolling out our Men’s Casual Sweater on to Marketplace (fiiiiiiiiiiiinally)!

KJIm Men's Casual Sweaters Ad fatpack

Click for link directly to MP item!

Our fatpack will be on sale on marketplace at a 50% promo price for the next week (12-06-2017 through 12-13-2017)! FIFTEEN sweater selections, for 400L!  How awesome is that??

Now for those who don’t want to take advantage of this fatpack’s price, we do have the sweaters being sold individually at regular price! Each sweater is L$125 a piece so you do the math!

Head on over to MP and grab a sweater (or a fatpack) for you, your boys, your sons or ladies if you’re buying, for the important men in your life!  Promo price ends on December 13, 1017 at noon SLT so act fast!

50% Off Sale!

KJIm Stores Label 2017 - Sale Sign

We are having a sale!! From NOW until 11/22/2017 all items in our MAINSTORE location on Zurich Hillside Sim (including our new releases – see below) will be FIFTY PERCENT OFF!! All KJIm Kids and Family oriented items will be retired to marketplace at the end of the sale and all gacha items will be discontinued indefinitely. Whyyy? Because we’re actually going to close this location and only operate out of our satellite store which is located on The Heights RP Sim (and adults only RP).

To get your discounts, you pay the vendor the price of the item and it automatically refunds you on purchase!

Now don’t forget sale ends 11/22/2017 so definitely come on down before we close that location for good!


KJIm Premieres 4 New Releases at For the Love of the Devil Event!!

Hellooooo!!! Happy November everyone!

I hope this part of the year is treating everyone well!  I have some new releases for you and they’re actually really special because for the first couple of weeks of their release, all money will be going to help raise money for a fellow SL resident!

My sister, Devil Damone (known by all as Andrea Damone) was hospitalized earlier this year for what should have been a very simple procedure that resulted in her being placed into a coma for several weeks and ultimately suffering a major hit financially with mounting hospital bills.

Her friends and family are doing everything they can to help her get back on her feet and hopefully defray some of her costs that are still ongoing for her recovery.  For the Love of the Devil is that event!  One Hundred (100) percent of all sales will be going to help our sister and friend and I am extremely honored to be taking part.

So I bring you these four new releases!

KJIm Shapes Mobeany Ad

Mobeany is a petite but sporty cutie who can run with the big dogs or simply on her own.  Optimized to be used with the Catwa Catya Bento Head and the Maitreya Mesh Body, this beauty is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!  Style card, no mod and modifiable version is included in this pack.

KJIm Shapes Gail Ad

The Gail Shape is sleek, petite, a little less sporty and softer.  With a smaller bust but still curvy shape, you can look both sensual and delicate all at once! Optimized to be used with the Catwa Catya Bento Head and the Maitreya Mesh Body, this sultry seductress will most definitely lull any onlooker into a stunning gaze.  Style card, no mod and modifiable version is included in this pack.

KJIm Kids Shapes Amara Ad

What started out as a fun shape for my little sister to help her blog a skin turned into a bit of a bigger adventure!  Meet the Amara girl shape! This spunky little cutie patootie will not only allow you to look adorable, but let the world know you are one tough little cookie! Style card, no modify and modify versions included in the pack. This shape was optimized for Toddleedoo Alice mesh head and the Toddleedoo mesh body.

KJIm Men's Casual Sweaters Ad fatpack

Last but not least are my favorite sweaters so far this season! The Men’s Casual Sweaters!  Available for purchase in 15 separate colors or in this all-in-one hudded fatpack, your man, father, little brother or insert other important man in your life will not only keep warm but look good doing it this season!

More poses will be released a little later this month. But for now, head on down to the “For the Love of the Devil” event starting on 11/04/2017!  When you land, turn around (the Cynful item at the landing point will be to your left) and walk out and to the right to the last booth on the first row to find these awesome releases!

And then stay and continue shopping. Literally EVERY item sold on this sim for the next week and some change will all go directly to help our beloved Devil and we appreciate all of your help and support!

Stay tuned and see you guys soon!

Much love!!

Miss Kilo

New Release & New Group Gift!!

Helloooo!  I hope your summer went well!  Working on a rack of new releases and hopefully you’ll be seeing more of KJIm in the near future.  First up: the KJIm High Waisted Bell Bottoms!

KJIm HW Bell Bottoms Ad

These gorgeous beauties fit Maitreya, Belleza (all – our model Kara Santana [far left] is wearing Freya) and Slink (all).  Features of this release:

  • 12 pinstripe colors
  • 5 bonus jeans patterns
  • Pocketless Option for pinstripes
  • Show/Hide feature for the belt
  • Regular height & Flat height (for flat shoes)
  • Autohide versions for Maitreya

You can mix and match the pockets (yes, even on the jeans) and really add more to your style!  And the best part, right now until Noon SLT on 09/24/2017, these beauties are available a the low promo price of L$100!!  So get them now before the price goes up to its regular price!

Also, while you’re there, join our group and get our group gift!

KJIm HW Bell Bottoms Ad group gift

Unlike our regular release, this only has the autohide feature for Maitreya.

These are available in the mainstore to the left when you enter. As always, please try the demo first (click the demo button on the vendor to have it delivered). Here’s your ride 😀

More things coming soon!

Enjoy ladies!

❤ Miss Kilo

PS Thank you to my models: Cherry Edenflower, Kara Santana & Ellie Penelope Schimmer!  You should check out their blogs…they’re fabulous! ❤

KJIm Group Gift Out Now!!

Helloooo!! So yeah a little late buuut, there is a free gift awaiting you in the back of the 1st floor for group members!

KJIm Shimmer Swimsuit Ad - July 2017 GG.png

KJIm: Shimmer Swim – July 2017 Group Gift comes in two versions and fits all Belleza bodies, all Slink bodies and Maitreya!

Come on down and grab it, finish your 4th of July in a sexy new suit!

Your LM is to the right in the sidebar! Enjoyyyyyy

❤ Kilo