New Release & a Sneak Peek coming to RSC!

It’s almost time for camp and KJIm has a new item out just in time! Out now at Richmond Survival Camp’s Camp Store!

KJIm Ram & Power Cell Typer Ad

These cute typers will disappear when you’re not typing and reappear when you type! With multi-colored power cells and RAM that has been ripped from our robot enemies, people will ALWAYS know when you are getting ready to tell them how ya feel!

They will be 75L & giftable! Lake/190/126/2000

And now for a sneek peak!

KJIm Chill Chair RSC

What better way to mark your adventure and recount camp tales to your family and friends than from the comfort of your own commemorative RSC Chill Chair!

But you can’t just buy this one, kids. This is only for campers with enough camp tokens!

So make sure you save up your tokens and grab your own chair at the end of your camp adventure in the camp store!

New Items for RSC 2020!

Richmond Survival Camp is quickly approaching and we figured you might get a little hungry while you’re waiting for your bus to camp! Soooo…we’ve packed you a great lunch in one of our themed lunch boxes!!

Five great designs and PLENTY to gnosh on while you head to camp!

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Fruits, Pizza, Snacks & Beverages; what more could you ask for?!?

Head on over to the RSC Camp Store & get yourself (or your kids, siblings, nieces/nephews or friends) a lunch box full of good nummies for YOU!

By clicking the lunchbox you can eat any of the following by selecting them:

  • Fruits
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Orange
    • Strawberry
  • Drinks
    • FayMay’s Springy Water
    • FayMay’s Choccy Milk
    • FM’s Strawberry Milk
  • Snacks
    • FayMay’s Wavy Chips
    • FayMay’s Choco Chip DLux
      (on attach both items will give you an edible cookie to add and eat)
    • FM’s Sprinkly Cupcake
    • FM’s Nilla Cupcake
  • Meal
    • FayMay’s Peppie Pizza
    • FayMay’s Cheesie Sammie

NOTE: 95% of all sales will go to directly to Richmond Survival Camp to help fund this and future camp experiences!!

TP to Camp Store Booth