KJIm Apparel presents Taunt

Taunt Pum-Pums Fat Pack


The Taunt: Pum-Pums are a unique bra and panty set. Covering a little more than usual, these high-waisted panties can be worn at regular length or high-waist and will cover you just enough to tease and taunt the object of your desire without giving away all the goodies.

With just a peek of the bottom, this outfit screams “why yes…I have a secret…but you’ll have to do a little work to find out more ;)”.

It is vintage appeal with sensual appeal. Grr baby 😉

Available in 10 colors and multiple layers so you never run out of options on how to wear them. And if you like them all…get the fat pack!! You save 100L if you do. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

Colors available:
Blood Red
Autumn Sunset
Baked Earth
Pale Pink
Bubblegum Pink
Forest Green

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