Getting Tasty for Flourish Sales Studio!

It’s Cuffin’ Season! And that means it is time to get cozy with old boos, new boos and a few not so sure boos!

And KJIm has got you covered!  Coming to Flouris Sales Studio this month we have a new pose exclusively for the event at a promo premier price!

Introducing Taste Test Couples Pose!

KJIm Taste Test Couples Pose

This pose comes with hand props, a mirror pose and an alternative pose for the sitter to accommodate bare arms.  And it is premiering on the 23rd at Flourish at a promo discount! But that’s not all…we have five other poses out to help you capture those cuffing moments with your boothang!

From Canoodling to face gazing, KJIm’s got you covered as things heat up in our studio just as the temperature drops outside.

So come to Flourish on the 23rd of this month and grab these great poses; all discounted during the event! But act fast. As soon as the event is over, prices will go back up as they return to their home sim and marketplace!

Flourish is a monthly discount sales event where all items will be priced between 70-99L for new, old, retextured/recolored or a special color pack on items such as hair, clothes, tattoos, poses, home & decor etc.

You can hitch a ride here: River/200/239/29


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