New things are out and about all over the grid from KJim Kids!!

First up, we have our items for this summer’s (and final) Camp Hardknock (saaaad faaaace 😥 ). This year, however, I thought it’d be a good idea to add in items for our big kids aka our counselors and directors! Whyyyyy?? Because they want Camp Hardknock stuff too!! LOL

Now both of our items that are out now are resizeable and should fit big and little hands alike.

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Our suitcases are in their newest colors for this year’s camp and as always come with a display version (in case you want to leave one out) and of course the one that attaches to your avi.  Fit for little hands, this case is sure to pack all of your goodies and smuggle in aaaaaall the candies!

Next up…

What better way to keep the sun out of your eyes and stay cool than with our terry cloth visors??  Rep your cabin and stay cool in the hot hot sun. 🙂  Burning up but want to stay fashionable? No worries!  You can jump in the pool or lake wearing your visor and it will keep the cool close to you!

And coming soon to the camp store….

Bumper Buddies!! Out 07/01/2015 @ CHK Shopping Headquarters!

Bumper Buddies!! Out 07/01/2015 @ CHK Shopping Headquarters!

These hilarious bouncers attach to your avi and offer TONS of amusement as you bump into each other, repping your cabins with silly faces and sounds to match!!  Make your own cabin war or just prank the stuffing out of each other by running into your friends and having a bouncing good time!!

More items coming shortly (like something new for All The Little Things next month)…but for now…HEAD TO THE CAMP HARDKNOCK SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS CHK CAMPERS!!

❤ Miss Kilo

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