KJIm Shimmers for the Ladies!

As the temperatures keep going up, we figured we’d set some record breaking temps of our own with this super hot swimsuit for the ladies this summer!

KJIm Shimmer Swimsuit Ad

Shimmer sports a 21-option hud w/ panels to individually color both the left and right sides or keep everything one color. Sized for Belleza (all sizes), Slink (all sizes and Maitreya, this hot lil number will be sure to leave everyone panting.

As always click the demo button to receive a demo!

And don’t forget, we still have copies of our limited qty pride-inspired items in the store!

Happy shopping!

❤ Kilo



In a couple of weeks, we’ll be sending our little ones off Camp Hardknock, Summer Session 2014!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

And you know what that means kids…SHOPPING!!

And down at CHK Shopping Headquarters, KJIm has a rack of stuff for YOU!


KJIm Kids: Boys swimming trunks!

Fit for every swimming place in SL, we’ve got soundwaves, magicians, cars, monkeys and of course…the surf!


KJIm: Camp Hardknock Cabin Visors!

These resizeable sun visors will block the sun from your eyes and help you represent your cabin to the fullest!


KJIm Kids: Camp Hobo Sticks (w/ animation included)

Our camp hobo sticks come in two styles, one is a static pose for piccies and the other you can hoist over your shoulder and walk around with (even with your ao).


KJIm Kids: Camp Suitcases (w/ Animation)

Camp suitcases rep your cabin and help you get all packed for your sleepaway adventure!


And don’t forget these adorable little outfits for the ladies of camp! Cute bathing suits and dresses for dancing!  Available in bright pastels, these little numbers are sure to make you the bell of the ball!

So head to Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters to get your stuff today!

And don’t forget, KJIm’s Vacation outfits are still available as well, but only at Collab4Kidz until you leave for camp!

Fun in the sun...bring oooooooooon vacation!

Fun in the sun…bring oooooooooon vacation!

Each set has 3 t-shirt colors, 5 short selections and the shirts are available in regular size and baggy versions!

Available only at Collab4Kidz for a few more weeks, then we can bring it home to the mainstore!

Surf’s Up!


The temperature is rising outside and you know that means … time to hit the beach!

And what better way to hit the beach for our little darlings than in style!

Introducing Water Lily, one of KJIm Kids most recent additions.  This adorable little swimsuit comes in six different designs, all adorable and ALL with matching shoes! 😮

KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Unicorn KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Tweety KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Panda KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Heffalump KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Elmo KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Cookie MonsterAvailable in both kid and baby toddleedoo, these adorable one pieces have matching flip flops (with and without the flower) that are resizeable.  Perfect for our little ones!

Available at our mainstore and at the CHK Shopping Headquarters.

More updates coming tomorrow! This girrrrl…is beat!


New Release: Collab4Kidz Exclusive!

Fun in the sun...bring oooooooooon vacation!

Fun in the sun…bring oooooooooon vacation!

Introducing the KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set!  Each set includes: regular and baggy shirt options with 3 t-shirt colors and 5 options for shorts.  At L$75 for each set, it’s a steal!

KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Blue Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Green Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Minion Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Red Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Yellow Plaid Ad

This item is only available at Collab4Kidz, located on the Somersley South Sim!

Collab4Kidz is a brand-new monthly showcase (now in its second cycle) that offers GREAT outfits for low prices for your toddleedoo. Each item for the event is an exclusive, never-been-released item from the stores that participate and at a discounted price no less!

So you get great stuff and you’re the first to have it!  How awesome is THAT?!? Aaand it will be full price when it goes to back to the main store. So come on down and check out Collab4Kidz! And while you’re there, pick up an outfit or three for your kids…or if you’re a kid…for YOU!

Seeee ya!

❤ Miss Kilo

p.s.  I want to give a special thank you to my models Meagan, Kaysha, Chani, Kaylee and Nemo! You guys were epic!