Fashionably Raising Money (and Awareness)

Hi guys!

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month?  Every year, KJIm works with an organization inworld to help raise money and awareness about the Autism Disorder Spectrum.  This year, KJIm is partnered with Eta Sigma Delta SL Sorority and we will be re-releasing an updated version of last year’s Ladies Autism Outfit along with a new release of Unisex Canvas Slip-Ons! We are also releasing a new bath towel for the kids & specially made canvas slip-ons for the little ones under our KJIm Kids line as well! Have a look. ❤

KJIm Ladies Autism Outfit Ad

KJIm Canvas Slip-Ons Autism Ad

KJIm Kids Bath Towel Autism Ad

KJIm Kids Canvas Slip-Ons Autism Ad

Each item sports a puzzle pattern hand-made by me and are so comfy, you might want to wear them every day!

On sale tonight at the Eta Sigma Delta Annual Chuck E Cheese Autism event and on marketplace, 100% of each purchase will be going to the Autism Society. To find our more about the Autism Disorder Spectrum and how YOU can help and be more aware, visit You can also donate directly via this link here.

Thanks and happy shopping! ❤


Party On Ladies…Party On…

Birthdays, holidays, solemn occasions…what do they all have in common? PARTIES.  And what makes for a most excellent party for any lady one the grid? Good clothes I say!  So while trying to find that perfect top to go with that killer skirt or those snug jeans, shorts or leggings…head on over to KJIm Apparel for our newest release: The Party Girl Halter Top!


Twelve colors, sold individually and as a fat pack with a color-change hud (and two bonus color choices)…this piece is sure to dazzle no matter what you wear with it.  With bold colors, bright and vibrant…you simply can’t go wrong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And in addition to these wonderful selections, we also have a new group gift!  Party girl is also available in bright green in the back of the store.


So if you’re looking for something a little…different and really want to stand out…head back to the back of the store and scoop it up!

All regular items are available both inworld and on marketplace so be sure to get your shop on … today!  Landmark and MP link are both in the sidebar to the right!




Update, Newness & a Gift (Oh My)!

Why hello all!  This month we’ve got a couple of things for you!

Up for grabs is an update to one of our classic pieces! Re-introducing the Genesis Strapless Gown!

KJIm Genesis Ad-promo.png

This elegant dress has been updated to be…MESH BODY COMPATIBLE! That’s right! So now instead of just the standard 5 mesh sizes, this gown is available for the Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies; all for the same price as before!  It’s perfect for a night out dancing, a wedding or even…a masquerade, something I’m sure a lot of you lovely ladies will be going to this month! This sleek number give just a peek of your derriere while keeping it classy with a shimmering edge and bottom to it.  Available in 12 colors (sold separately) or in a 12-color hudded fat pack (with an additional 4 colors … THAT’S 16 colors!!), you will be sure to dazzle with the best of them. Don’t forget: the group gift for this dress has also been updated and is in the back of the store!

And now for something new that’s for the ladies and the gents!

Have you ever been the … survivor of overprotective parents who always say to your date, “I have gun and know how to use it!” or “I know places to bury the bodies if you don’t get my princess home on time!”  Well now is your turn to torment your kids!  Introducing the first in the parental tees line for KJIm: Daughter/Gun/Shovel/Alibi!


They come together in one pack, so you can pass the matching shirt to your co-parent (aka partner in crime)! Available in 9 colors or as a fat pack, this item is fun for … well maybe not your kiiiiids … but definitely for YOU! Available NOW inworld and on marketplace, this bargain needs to be got…so go get it!

And last but not least: my pose shop, KJIm Poses, has released our first group gift for the shop!  See this couple standing up top with the t-shirts?  Well we’ve made it so that anyone short or tall can use it.  It’s called United Peeps and is available across the way on the counter at KJIm Poses. So be sure to go pick it up!

I’m beat!  So I think…I’m going to give myself a quick little time out. 😉


❤ Miss Kilo

NEW RELEASE: Davis Cardigan Out Now!

We may be in the throws of a blistering summer in the flesh and bone world, but good fashion is all year around!

I am pleased to bring you my newest release: Davis Cardigan!

KJIm Davis Cardigan Composite

Twelve colors for this lightweight sweater compliment the 12-color t-shirt hud that comes with each selection.  With bold and subtle hues, this sweater/t-shirt combo is sure to look good on any man.  And with rolled up sleeves, you can show off those guns while still looking dapper!  Sold separately and in a fat pack, this set is sure to turn the eye of all whose attention you want on YOU.

NOTE: This is a standard mesh item (sizes XS, S, M, L, XL). But can be worn with most mesh bodies. Our model is using the Slink Physique.

Makes a great gift for your man, brother, father, son…well you get my point ladies!  Shop til you drop!

Out now at the mainstore and on marketplace! Both links are available in our sidebar.

Enjoyyyyyyyyy and thank you for shopping at KJIm Apparel!

❤ Miss Kilo

Coquette…Out Now!!


Oh laaaaaaaaaaaaaadies…!  Looking for something to make your man swoooon??  Have a look at my newest release: Coquette!

█  Just in time for Valentine’s Day

10 Colors
4 versions available
ONLY for the Omega Applier, so it’s compatible with MOST mesh bodies!
99L each
Available inworld or marketplace!

Here’s the colors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*If you are wearing a body that is NOT compatible with the Omega Applier System, please send me a notecard inworld and I will do my level best to get you hooked up in time for your next sexeh night in SL!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget, we have many group gifts available at the main store so be sure to join the group and check it ouuuut!

❤ Miss Kilo

Coming Saturday to KJIm: New Stuff for the Men!

What’s good people??

So about a month or two ago, I made these really cute chef costumes for my kids’ store: KJim Kids.  And at the time I received a request to make one for a customer for her husband! After seeing how nice this looked on the male avi, I thought…hey…time for something new!

Introducing Mens Master Chef Outfit!

KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit Black Ad KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit Blue Ad
KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit Green Ad KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit Marsala Ad KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit Red KJIm Mens Master Chef Outfit YellowAvailable in six colors, this full service outfit is guaranteed to set a lady (or 2’s) heart aflame while she watches you prepare your finest cuisines.  Great for RP purposes, each outfit comes with everything you see in the ad (except the avi themselves LOL).  The mitts, chef’s toque and shoes are resizeable so you should be able to get the perfect fit every time.

More stuff coming soon!  Til then, enjoy your SL.

❤ Miss Kilo

Give a lil bit…

Helloooo!!! Long time no release, I know. But I’ve been a busy bee!!

Between running the kids’ store, updating stuff for Lighting the Way, learning new appliers (coming soon to KJIm) and life…I’ve been busy!  But before I get to the new release, I wanted to remind everyone that April is Autism Awareness month and KJIm has updated their Autism Puzzle jumpsuit for the ladies to include appliers for just about everything, including the Omega applier, which covers most appliers we don’t sell. 100% of the sales of this bodysuit will go to Autism Awareness charity!

Now with an all-in-one applier HUD.

Now with an all-in-one applier HUD. 100% of sales go to Autism Awareness charity.

Reintroducing our Kismet strapless bodysuit, this cute lil jumpsuit is now available with an all-in-one applier for most mesh bodies (and body parts). As always, 100% of the sales for this outfit will go to Autism Awareness charity. You can get yours on marketplace or at the Lighting the Way sim during the month of April.