KJIm Kids @ All The Little Things – February

February 1 – 21 is the newest round of All The Little Things and the theme this month is Love (tries not to sing Jill Scott’s “Love Rain”).  And we have not 1, not 2, but THREE items up for grabs at this month’s event!!

Now, aside from the t-shirts which are strictly sized for toddleedoo baby and kid, everything else is for kids of all ages, sizes and eeeeeven adults can get in on the action ( 😮 )!!!

KJIm Kids Heart Pillow Gacha!!

KJIm Kids Heart Pillow Gacha Ad

1 mystery prize…I wonder what it could be? 😮

Remember getting that little box of edible conversation hearts with all the cutesy (and sometimes corny) messages from your “one true love” back in the day??  Or worse … from the one person nooooooooooooobody wanted to receive that box from out of fear of a lifetime of public ridicule?  Well imagine being able to not only hold it close to your heart, but display it proudly on your wall when you receive the message you’ve always wanted to hear!

Or better still…you the shy type and want a cute and new way of giving your heart away?  These awesomely cute conversation heart pillows are the way to do it!

Each pillow has a special message and comes in a rezzable version (for decor), a pre-sized TD version for those special little hands you want to hold your heart and (for the bigger kids [and adults too ;)] a resizeable version just for you!

At 50L/turn this adorable treasure is simply too good to pass up.

█ MASH Board Game (Find Your Soul Mate and Live Happily Ever After)!!

KJIm Kids Mash Game Ad

I know you remember back in the day when you used to whip out that little marble composition book (don’t fake…we all had them! :P) and would write down your crush, mixed in with 3 other grossy people (just to throw off the scent) then pick your house, your car, and allll the kids you were gonna have!  Well, this game brings it all back to you for endless hours of fun!

If you’ve never played this childhood game, then no worries…instructions are INCLUDED (yaaaaaaaaay!!)!!  At a bargain price of 50L (for this event ONLY, then goes back to full price after), it’d be a shame to let it walk away for so cheap!


█ KJIm Kids: Anti/Love T-Shirts Gacha!!

KJIm Kids Anti-Love T-Shirt Gacha

Valentine’s Day not your thing?  Or you like but don’t quite love?  Think boys (or girls) have cooties?? Well wear what you feel! These adorable shirts come in BOTH sizes for toddleedoo (in one pack … whoooooooooooooooot?) and with each being trans, you can share with a friend!

35L/turn is too good a price to pass up! Be sure to get yours before this round of All the Little Things ends!


Zodiac Gacha Jackets!!!

Sooooo…All the Little Things is about to close their August round after this weekend to start setting up for the September round, and somehow I forgot to tell everyone I was in it! 😮

Lawwwd, Miss Kilo is LOSING IT!! LOOOOOOL

This round was about space and I thought what could be more appropriate than chillin’ out and reppin’ our favorite zodiacs!

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13 commons, 2 rares and 1 mystery item! At 50L per play, you’re really getting these jackets at a bargain! Get one for yourself, or your friends or siblings!  All sizes are ONLY going to fit Toddleedoo avatars!

After this weekend they will be available at our main store on the Serenity Lake Sim! But in the meantime, head on over to All The Little Things!

See you there!

❤ Miss Kilo

All the Little Things & The Bounce Buddy for Camp Hardknock!


Today is the first day of the July Round for All the Little Things!! I’m so excited!! This month’s offering is the Chill Chair. Two different 5-color packs (dark and light), this wonderful chair is sized for TD kids and has 12 poses just for you! Click here for the LM!

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And on top of that you have ONE WEEK LEFT before Camp Hardknock begins!! Sooooo make sure you head on down to the Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters! We have luggage, visors, regular items like towels and outfit and our last offering for this year’s camp the Bounce Buddy!!  When you bounce into someone you will hear random sayings and it’s available in each cabin and staff color with faces for each cabin!! Get your taxi to the HQ here!

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So hoping you guys enjoy these selections! Take the SLUrls up top and happy shopping!  See you guys later and enjoy camp!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Once Upon a Splish Splash

KJIm Kids is at All The Little Things again and this month’s theme is “Once Upon A Time”!  Always wanting to be different, we decided this month to take a different approach.  Looking at how my kids love to play in the water (but hate taking baths…odd…but yeah…), I figured mayyyyyyyyybe it’s because they just don’t have some really cool towels to take with them.

Introducing the KJIm Kids Bath Towels Once Upon A Time Series!

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Eight adorable towels that play on some of our oldest and best fairy tales. And don’t think just the happily every after stuff. Nooooo!  We have a little something for everyone: ogres, the big bad wolf, a scarecrow, and more!

So head on down to All The Little Things this month for our newest item.  Now remember…if you miss ATLT (event starts the first Sunday of every month and lasts for two weeks), you can always come to the mainstore after the event is over to pick up your favorite towel!

Speaking of favorite things, one of my all-time favorite events is going on this month.  It’s the 5th Annual Autism Awareness Lighting the Way event and our store is a sponsor again this year.  Out now, we have our jackets from last year’s Lighting the Way and this year we even have GACHA! That’s right!  A very special t-shirt with tie gacha for those who love to mix it up!

LTW 2015 TD TieShirt Gacha Ad

Ten shirts with two different options a piece! These fit Toddleedoo avatars only! At L$35 all proceeds go to help raise money for Autism Awareness!  Visit the Lighting the Way sim during the month of April for your chance to win one of these adorable shirts and help out a great charity along the way!

Much more coming down the pike and soon…so stay tuned!

Have a great week and a happy spring break to those of you off this week!

❤ Miss Kilo

KJIm Kids first EXCLUSIVE Item!

I’m so excited!!! KJIm Kids will be participating in All The Little Things in March. This month’s theme was a bit challenging but it was fuuuun.  This month’s theme is Retrofit, which means you take something and add to it to make it your own. And make it out own we did!

KJIm Kids Exclusive Bunny PenguinsNow here’s the catch to KJIm’s item this month…they will NOT be sold after this event is over. So not only are they exclusive…they’re only available for TWO WEEKS!! 😮

So without further ado, I present…the KJIm Kids Penguin Bunnies!

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - lil wizard

Two kinds of jellybeans: one that goes in the nose…and one for the mouth! Which will YOU get when you touch the Lil Wizard??

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - Count Fang

Fangs are for everyone, but only one can be the count. Cape is only available to the penguin’s owner.

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - Peanuty Paxton

Chocolate!! More chocolate!! CAUTION: If you’re allergic to peanuts, this penguin is NOT for you.

While each penguin has a different land impact, I worked very hard to keep each one as low as possible.  So get your penguin on, get your sugar high on (sorry parents… well…not really :P) and come on down to All the Little Things on March 8 to claim your penguins. At 150L each, they’re really a steal!


❤ Miss Kilo

Puppy Love, The Wild West and SweetTarts … (oh my)!

February is approaching fast. So you know what that means….lots of love is in the air (and some straight up lack thereof! LOL).

January’s All The Little Things items are now safely and permanently home at our mainstore and the racks have been cleared to welcome the February round of All The Little Things from Feb 1 – Feb 14!!  If you want to know what’s up for grabs, you’ll have to visit the website’s buyer’s guide found here.  But I’ll save you soooome trouble and give you a peek of KJIm Kids’ selections for the theme of cops & robbers.

KJIm Kids Lil Buckaroo Cowgirl Ad

KJIm Kids Lil Buckaroo Cowboy AdBoth selections are available with everything you see in the ad for the low, low price of L$100. This will be available at All The Little Things for two weeks ONLY, then we’ll move it over to our mainstore on Serenity Lake where it will go up to its regular price.

Also this month, KJIm Kids is in not one, but TWO hunts this month! Both starting on Feb 1, you will have to reaaally look for them (they’ve been hidden really well). First up, the Puppy Love Hunt brought to you by Boys Rule, Girls Drool. We decided it was high time we brought a childhood favorite passing-time fortune telling game from our youth. Introducing M.A.S.H.!

From the Puppy Love Hunt for Kids all over the grid! Instructions included.

From the Puppy Love Hunt for Kids all over the grid! Instructions included.

And last but not least, the Sweet & Tart Hunt! Also starting February 1 and going throughout the month, explore all over the grid looking for wonderful items for both love and anti-love or just deep likes and crushes with your friends. Both items are unisex and included sizes that fit Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo and Classic Children Avis.

Sweet Tart Stupid Tee Ad

Super Bass Tee Ad

Now, the thing with the Sweet & Tart gifts are that they are no copy and transfer ONLY, so you can share them with a friend for fun piccies or just to dress alike!

Alright kids, it’s getting late and I have so much more stuff to make! You guys have a great week and see you soon!

❤ Miss Kilo

All The Little Things – December

Happy holidays folks!

KJIm Kids is in another round of All of the LIttle Things!  This December’s theme is “All I want for Christmas”.  Everything at this round is transferrable, so you can gift them.


KJIm Beanie and Fuzzies Mitten Ad

                                                                Unisex, tons of colors aaaand resizable!

KJIm Cuddleski Ad 2014

                                        Each color has 2 versions: huggable and handheld dangly version!

Toys and things to keep you warm…what more do you need! Also, our sleepover prankster outfits are coming to our mainstore. We also have new jackets for Toddledoo babies, kids and Totsipop babies!

Regular kid avis, fret not…new things are coming down the pike for you too!  And if you haven’t already participated in our dreams hunt, you still have time!  The hunt ends on December 17, so be sure to swing by our mainstore on Serenity Lake and shop til you drop!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Miss Kilo