New Release!

Helloooo!!  KJIm is venturing into shapes territory! 😮

So when my little sister came to me saying she needed a boy shape in order to blog a skin for one of her sponsors, I never thought that it’d go over so well!  So this one, is for the boys!

KJIm Kids Tony Shape Ad

Introducing the Tony Boy Shape!  This adorable little shape was designed to fit the Alex Toddleedoo Bento Head. Fitted to also work with the Toddleedoo mesh body, this pint-sized little man is bound to make all the ladies go awww and all the fellas give you fist bumps and high fives for looking so well put together!

The demo is made to show the head as actual size (body deformed) and the style card only comes with purchase of the actual shape.  The shape itself comes in a mod and no-mod version.

Located on the top floor of our mainstore (SLurl is on the right side of blog), definitely come to check it out!  Hope you like it!

❤ Miss Kilo


Quick Update!

So while it’s been relatively quiet over here at KJIm, don’t think I’m not working! I have been adding new items to the catalog, but they are exclusive to the school my daughter and niece go to: The Little Princess Academy! Out now at the KJIm booth in their mall…see below!

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Our little Lords won’t drown when out in the deep or shallow waters in their Leap Frog Swimming Trunks! Fitted for TD Baby, TD Kid and Bebe mesh bodies, these awesome shorts can be worn in or out of the pool, come with matching flip flops and floaties to keep your little man from going under!

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Our petite Ladies will look adorable in these cute swimsuits fit for a princess!  Equipped with arm floaties and two styles of flip flops, these beauties will dazzle and sparkle while keeping our little ones safe from the deep parts of the ocean!

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As you know, our princesses and princes come in all sizes and unfortunately I have yet to find something to suit our non-mesh bodied royalty.  That being said, I am offering the arm floaties as a singular selection so that they too can stay afloat in the rough and tumble waves and waters! As soon as I find a set of swimwear that accommodates our taller children, I’ll work on getting those out as well.

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And last but not least, turn our little one into the next Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay or Julia Child!  Our culinary uniforms were a big hit on the open market so we’ve brought them over to LPA! Unfortunately, these items aren’t able to fit the Bebe mesh body.  But if your aspiring chef would like to use the chef’s hat, oven mitts or shoes, please have them drop me a NC and I’ll be more than happy to help them fill that request!

All items’ ads will state the sizes they accommodate and all items come in colors for each hall (Unsorted, Amber Hall, Cerulean Hall, Tourmaline Hall and Zircon Hall). They also come with a plain color option or with plaid accents so as to give your child maximum choices in what they wear to class.

So head on down to Imperial Station and outfit your LPA student in some of the latest releases from KJIm! More to come! See you soon!

❤ Miss Kilo