Puppy Love, The Wild West and SweetTarts … (oh my)!

February is approaching fast. So you know what that means….lots of love is in the air (and some straight up lack thereof! LOL).

January’s All The Little Things items are now safely and permanently home at our mainstore and the racks have been cleared to welcome the February round of All The Little Things from Feb 1 – Feb 14!!  If you want to know what’s up for grabs, you’ll have to visit the website’s buyer’s guide found here.  But I’ll save you soooome trouble and give you a peek of KJIm Kids’ selections for the theme of cops & robbers.

KJIm Kids Lil Buckaroo Cowgirl Ad

KJIm Kids Lil Buckaroo Cowboy AdBoth selections are available with everything you see in the ad for the low, low price of L$100. This will be available at All The Little Things for two weeks ONLY, then we’ll move it over to our mainstore on Serenity Lake where it will go up to its regular price.

Also this month, KJIm Kids is in not one, but TWO hunts this month! Both starting on Feb 1, you will have to reaaally look for them (they’ve been hidden really well). First up, the Puppy Love Hunt brought to you by Boys Rule, Girls Drool. We decided it was high time we brought a childhood favorite passing-time fortune telling game from our youth. Introducing M.A.S.H.!

From the Puppy Love Hunt for Kids all over the grid! Instructions included.

From the Puppy Love Hunt for Kids all over the grid! Instructions included.

And last but not least, the Sweet & Tart Hunt! Also starting February 1 and going throughout the month, explore all over the grid looking for wonderful items for both love and anti-love or just deep likes and crushes with your friends. Both items are unisex and included sizes that fit Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo and Classic Children Avis.

Sweet Tart Stupid Tee Ad

Super Bass Tee Ad

Now, the thing with the Sweet & Tart gifts are that they are no copy and transfer ONLY, so you can share them with a friend for fun piccies or just to dress alike!

Alright kids, it’s getting late and I have so much more stuff to make! You guys have a great week and see you soon!

❤ Miss Kilo


My first hunt!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee***

KJIm Apparel is very pleased to announce that we have just been accepted in the 7th Unknown Hunt that begins April 1, 2013!!! Be sure to spread the word!! *happy dances*

Now, the hunt isn’t until April 1, but if you want to keep tabs, I have added a new category over on the right under links called ‘hunts’.  Any hunts I participate in will be listed there until the hunt is OVER.  After such time I will move the link elsewhere so as to make sure you can reference only current hunt information.

So be sure to join the INWORLD KJIm Apparel group for updates of future events, giveaways, hunts, sales specials and the like!