KJIm Shows Pride!!

We have a couple of new releases for your digits!!

KJIm is working on a few things over the next few months but first what’s out now!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• PRIDE SALE •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

We are having a small sale on all pride items currently in store! 25% off of pride items (except for new releases)!

Out now for sale:

KJim Bent Snapback Ad Pride 2019
KJIm: Bent Snapback – Pride (unrigged w/ resizer)

KJIm Grooves Belly Chain Ad

KJIm: Grooves Belly Chain (fits Belleza Freya & Isis, Maitreya, Slink Phys & HG, Tonic & eBody Classic + Curvy)

KJIm Party Girl Top Ad Pride
KJIm: Party Girl Halter Top – Pride (fits Slink Physique, Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Standard avi S-XL & Fitmesh XS – XL)

The discount is automatically refunded on purchase.

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• NEW RELEASES •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

We have some color for your digits!! And the best part: you can match your digits with your parents, aunties, uncles, sisters, and brothers if you like!

KJIm Pride Nails Ad 2022 Kids
KJIm: Pride Nail Appliers – Kids (compatible with Toddleedoo, Bebe, Lullabeebs, Tweenster & Omega)

KJIm Pride Nails Ad Adults 2022
KJIm: Pride Nail Appliers – Adults (compatible with Maitreya, Kupra, Reborn & Omega)

We hope you enjoy these new releases and enjoy your pride month!

NOTE: For those who previously bought the original Pride Nails, I sent a free update so you wouldn’t have to repurchase them! \o/

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• FREE GIFT •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

We have also put out our KJIm Pride Barcode Tapestry for the remainder of the month (no group required).

KJIm Pride Barcode Tapestry Ad

To buy it, click the sign to the right of it and you will receive your free gift.

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• BAILEY COMES HOME •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

Fresh off of their trip at the ToddleeDoo 10th Anniversary fair, our Bailey Suit & Bailey Flat Cap have made it back to our mainstore!

KJIm Bailey Suit Ad-3
KJIm: Bailey Suit (fits Toddleedoo Fitted, Tweeneedoo, Bebe Toddler & Bebe Youth)

KJIm Bailey Flat Cap Ad
KJIm: Bailey Flat Cap (unrigged w/ resizer. also pre-fitted for infant (Lullabeebs), child & adult)

If you missed it at the fair, now’s the time to come grab them!

With many color options, the possibilities are endless!

Thank you for your continued support of KJIm!

♥ Team KJIm

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