KJIm at Team Nuggets Relay for Life Auction!!

We are pleased to announce that we have joined Team Nuggets for Relay for Life and have a kiosk out at the main store collecting donations for this season of Relay for Life. This year’s theme is Heroes of Hope!

In addition, the Team Nuggets Relay for Life Auction began today and KJIm has two things up for auction!

First up: Learn to Fly Pose Fatpack!
KJIm Learn to Fly - Gacha Key

Our Learn to Fly pose set is a great way for you and your friends or family to channel your inner superhero!
Learn how to stand like one! Or the best way to take off! Or go on a maiden voyage and flyyyyy through the friendly SL skies! Crash & buuurn or team up with your bestie and let your powers activate!

7 family poses and a few props included to help!

Next Up: Custom Pose Packs!

Have you always wanted poses that were yours and only yours? Or a pose made just for you and your crew/family/gaggle of mates?? Well now’s your chance!

2022 KJIm RFL Auction Ad

If you win this auction item, KJIm will create either 5 custom single poses for the winner orrrr a single group pose (with up to five people)!!

Both items are up for auction with some wonderful other items as well!

So come down, bid on ALL the things and help a great cause at the same time!

Auction ends April 2, 2022!

Your Taxi to the Auction: Team Nuggets RFL Auction Garden

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