Baby Boujee Updated!

•₪•₪•₪•₪•₪• PRODUCT UPDATE •₪•₪•₪•₪•₪•

KJ Immortal Update! ♥

KJIm Baby Boujee - Update!

We just updated our newest fit Baby Boujee to not only replace the older non-fitted versions but also add in a new size!!

That’s right!

Baby Boujee fits:
– TD Fitted (fits both ToddleeDoo Baby & Kid Fitted Bodies)
– Bebe Toddler
– Bebe YOUTH (***NEW SIZE***)

Arm warmers, leg warmers, purse, boots and the hat are all resizeable!

The update should send to those who’ve already purchased it. If not, please visit any KJIm vendor and redelivery terminal to get your update delivered right away!

And if you haven’t picked it up yet, hit the main store or our MP and grab yours!

♥ Team KJIm

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