New Releases @ Flourish Sales Studio

KJ Immortal is please to announced that they are participating in the October Round of Flourish Sales Studio, starting October 10, 2019!

Flourish is a monthly discount sales event where all items will be priced between 70-99L for new, old, retextured/recolored or a special color pack on items such as hair, clothes, tattoos, poses, home & decor etc.

And just in time for Halloween, we have some poses to go with awesome costume ideas for your little one (or for youuuuu)!

KJIm Jedis & Smugglers Ad

Luke Skywalker & Han Solo WISH they were this cool! Stand side by side with your bestie and fight off the baddies together!


KJIm See Yourself As Art Ad

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a work of art? Walk by your statue (or prank someone by being a living statue)! Includes resizeable pedestal & mirror pose!


KJIm Off With Their Buds Pose Ad

Channel your inner Morticia and snips the buds off your flowers! Props included!


KJIm Baby Zombie Attack Ad

With Zombie Season running rampant in beYou, hunt down your prey and nom them while they’re down! GRRRR!!


You can hitch a ride here:

After the sale is over, the prices will go back to regular price and be in both our mainstore and on the marketplace! Enjoyyyy!!

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