New Thangs!! Oh Yeaaah!!

So I thought I only had ONE new pose to share but then started looking and realized I had 5! Like even one I forgot to release last year! LOL

So I have two couples poses and three family/kid poses out NOW on marketplace aaaand inworld at our corner store over on The Heights in Bay Ridge sim!

kjim poses strawberry baby bath ad

Strawberry Baby Bath was inspired by the cute facebook posts of videos or pictures with babies bathing in strawberries. They were so cute that I had to try my hand at bringing this inworld, because babies…hellerrr!! This is a bit of a heavy pose prop when it comes to land impact (LI) (55 LI – yikes), so I don’t suggest leaving it out.  But it can be modded to your liking and comes in parts so you don’t have to use all of the berries either! This also has a transferrable holdable strawberry so that you can pass it to the baby if you’re a photographer doing a shoot (just make sure you get it back…or that they don’t eat it hehehehe)!

kjim curious crawler pose ad

Curious Crawler: What infant doesn’t find themselves getting into eeeeeeeeeeeeverything??  This one though I caught in the act!  Now you can catch your little ones in the act as well!

kjim baby's first ornament ad

Baby’s First Ornament: Are you and your family looking to capture those milestone moments in your little ones lives? Well fear not! You can quite literally go back in time and start making those scrapbook memories, today!  With Baby’s First Ornament, you can now capture that precise moment when your child first fell in love with Christmas (named ornaments not included).  This set comes with the bowl of ornaments as well as a texture change ornament that you can hold in your hand.

kjim canoodle couples pose ad

Canoodle Couples Pose: want to steal your person away from the club/party/get together for a quick lil cuddle? Our canoodle pose is perfect for this!  You and your date can sneak off to a little corner and get a little closer and capture the moment for future memories!

kjim going out couples pose ad

Going Out: Sometimes you need your date’s help getting ready. Let their fingers graze your neck while they fasten (or undo) that clip on your neck for you.

If you swing by our corner store in Bay Ridge, you will see a limited selection of what KJIm has to offer.  But these poses (and more) are all out now on our marketplace. So be sure to fill your cart and shop happy!

See you kids soon! ❤

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