New Release!

Helloooo!!  KJIm is venturing into shapes territory! 😮

So when my little sister came to me saying she needed a boy shape in order to blog a skin for one of her sponsors, I never thought that it’d go over so well!  So this one, is for the boys!

KJIm Kids Tony Shape Ad

Introducing the Tony Boy Shape!  This adorable little shape was designed to fit the Alex Toddleedoo Bento Head. Fitted to also work with the Toddleedoo mesh body, this pint-sized little man is bound to make all the ladies go awww and all the fellas give you fist bumps and high fives for looking so well put together!

The demo is made to show the head as actual size (body deformed) and the style card only comes with purchase of the actual shape.  The shape itself comes in a mod and no-mod version.

Located on the top floor of our mainstore (SLurl is on the right side of blog), definitely come to check it out!  Hope you like it!

❤ Miss Kilo

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