Coquette…Out Now!!


Oh laaaaaaaaaaaaaadies…!  Looking for something to make your man swoooon??  Have a look at my newest release: Coquette!

█  Just in time for Valentine’s Day

10 Colors
4 versions available
ONLY for the Omega Applier, so it’s compatible with MOST mesh bodies!
99L each
Available inworld or marketplace!

Here’s the colors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*If you are wearing a body that is NOT compatible with the Omega Applier System, please send me a notecard inworld and I will do my level best to get you hooked up in time for your next sexeh night in SL!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget, we have many group gifts available at the main store so be sure to join the group and check it ouuuut!

❤ Miss Kilo

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