New Men’s Item! Brrr… It’s Cold Out Here!

I’m about a week behind but doesn’t mean I forgot about the wonderful men of Second Life!!  While the weather out in the land of flesh and bone is being all wonky, one thing we know for sure is that Jack Frost, Mother Nature and Mr. Snow are having a massive party on the grid and EVERY sim is just about snowed over!  So fellas…it’s time to bundle up!  And what better way to do that then in style.

Presenting KJIm: Men’s Peacoats!


10 Colors, one group gift and a fatpack even (oh my!) means ten wonderful ways to keep those cold limbs warm while wrapping yourself up in not only your significant others but some great threads!

Now available inworld and on marketplace!


Also, we have a group gift just for the fellas!!

New men's group gift!

New men’s group gift!

As a special thank you to our supportive group members, I have released this special striped gray tweed version of the Men’s Peacoat as the new group gift! Come to the front desk to get yours today! And if you follow the arrows, you can get older group gifts as well. Just click the “join group” sign on the wall or our blue group joiner on the front desk to join!

Group News: Starting in 2016, there will be a small join fee for the group! But worry not. With this group join fee, group members will receive a discount on in-store purchases, first news dibs on new releases, special sales and of course free group gifts as they become available. How much for all this? 50L

That’s right! Just 50L! So join the group now because come January 30, the group join fee will be in effect!

Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year and remember to stay warm!!

And don’t forget to come get you, your mate or your family member a new coat!

Stay tuned for more new releases in the coming months!

Ciao kiddies,
Miss Kilo

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