New Ish!! Zulu the Fighter (for The Lexi Project)

ADDED 07/26/2015: – Event is officially…OPEN!!

I am very excited to share this new piece with you. Not just because it was an item I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but because this particular version is for a VERY good cause.  Earlier this week, the SL world received some very distressing news about fellow Second Life resident, Lexi Zelin (owner of AngelRed Couture): she has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  And if you know Lexi, you know she doesn’t ask for help often if at all. SL is her RL income and she uses it to take care of her family.  Unfortunately, this new turn has put a rather large dent in her finances and she needs a bit of help.  To learn more about Lexi’s story and to keep up on the progress of everything, please visit her gofundme page at:

So her friends, in true community form, have banded together to bring you “The Lexi Project”. The Lexi Project is a fundraiser that starts tomorrow, July 26 through August 9th, 2015 and there are over 350 designers participating in this.  100% of the sales from this event will go to Lexi and her family.  So my contribution for this event is Zulu the Fighter!

KJIm Zula the Fighter Ad

This piece is detailed with dragon scales along the side panels of the shorts and on the wings, with purple accents on the shoulders and back. The purple represents the purple ribbon for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and helps to show support for Lexi.  This piece is going to be in Section #1, is priced at $250L aaand I hope you guys like it!

So come out to the event (join the event here – to get the LM tomorrow) and support one of your own as we all band together to support her in her journey!

ADDED 07/26/2015: – Event is officially…OPEN!!

Later gators,
❤ Miss Kilo

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