Once Upon a Splish Splash

KJIm Kids is at All The Little Things again and this month’s theme is “Once Upon A Time”!  Always wanting to be different, we decided this month to take a different approach.  Looking at how my kids love to play in the water (but hate taking baths…odd…but yeah…), I figured mayyyyyyyyybe it’s because they just don’t have some really cool towels to take with them.

Introducing the KJIm Kids Bath Towels Once Upon A Time Series!

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Eight adorable towels that play on some of our oldest and best fairy tales. And don’t think just the happily every after stuff. Nooooo!  We have a little something for everyone: ogres, the big bad wolf, a scarecrow, and more!

So head on down to All The Little Things this month for our newest item.  Now remember…if you miss ATLT (event starts the first Sunday of every month and lasts for two weeks), you can always come to the mainstore after the event is over to pick up your favorite towel!

Speaking of favorite things, one of my all-time favorite events is going on this month.  It’s the 5th Annual Autism Awareness Lighting the Way event and our store is a sponsor again this year.  Out now, we have our jackets from last year’s Lighting the Way and this year we even have GACHA! That’s right!  A very special t-shirt with tie gacha for those who love to mix it up!

LTW 2015 TD TieShirt Gacha Ad

Ten shirts with two different options a piece! These fit Toddleedoo avatars only! At L$35 all proceeds go to help raise money for Autism Awareness!  Visit the Lighting the Way sim during the month of April for your chance to win one of these adorable shirts and help out a great charity along the way!

Much more coming down the pike and soon…so stay tuned!

Have a great week and a happy spring break to those of you off this week!

❤ Miss Kilo

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