KJIm Kids first EXCLUSIVE Item!

I’m so excited!!! KJIm Kids will be participating in All The Little Things in March. This month’s theme was a bit challenging but it was fuuuun.  This month’s theme is Retrofit, which means you take something and add to it to make it your own. And make it out own we did!

KJIm Kids Exclusive Bunny PenguinsNow here’s the catch to KJIm’s item this month…they will NOT be sold after this event is over. So not only are they exclusive…they’re only available for TWO WEEKS!! 😮

So without further ado, I present…the KJIm Kids Penguin Bunnies!

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - lil wizard

Two kinds of jellybeans: one that goes in the nose…and one for the mouth! Which will YOU get when you touch the Lil Wizard??

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - Count Fang

Fangs are for everyone, but only one can be the count. Cape is only available to the penguin’s owner.

KJIm Kids Bunny Penguin Ads - Peanuty Paxton

Chocolate!! More chocolate!! CAUTION: If you’re allergic to peanuts, this penguin is NOT for you.

While each penguin has a different land impact, I worked very hard to keep each one as low as possible.  So get your penguin on, get your sugar high on (sorry parents… well…not really :P) and come on down to All the Little Things on March 8 to claim your penguins. At 150L each, they’re really a steal!


❤ Miss Kilo

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