Camp Hardknock…here we come!!

IN EIGHT DAYS…a little over a hundred campers will embark on the most talked about and most anticipated fully immerseable RP for kids there is… Camp Hardknock’s (CHK) Winter 2013 Sleepaway Camp!!  And from what I hear, it’s going to be aweeeeesoooooooooooooome!!

But before you get going, you really should at the very least pack a jacket kids. It’s going to be nippy and you want your fellow cabin mates to find you no matter what.  So to help with both (aaaaaaaaand to help you guys represent your cabin in the cabin wars with pride), I have released Varsity Camp Jackets!! Because nothing says team like a varsity jacket and everyone needs one of these … they’re just too cool!







The Camp Hardknock Varsity Jackets are unisex so girls and boys can rock these and look fantastic doing it! So swing by the mainstore (link on sidebar) or the Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters for your jacket today!!

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