KJIm Apparel in Grenade Free Weekend @ Jersey Shore!!

Helloooooo guys and girls!!

We are participating in this week’s Grenade Free Weekend over at the Jersey Shore Sim!!

And this weekend’s offerings are strictly for the fellas (well…unless the ladies just like wearing em :P)

Four pairs of our Carlo Low-Rise Boxers are on sale at 25% off this weekend.

Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Titanium
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Tarheel Blue
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Rhubarb
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Black

At $37L for this weekend only, these boxers truly are a steal! But if these colors aren’t to your liking head upstairs, to the main store or even to our marketplace (all info is below) and you can buy the other pairs for $50L!

Also…new items coming soon…so definitely stay tuned. 😉

Have a great weekend and remember KJIm Apparel is quality fashion that you and your family can afford.

Here’s your ride to Jersey Shore! Just click here.

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