KJIm Apparel in Grenade Free Weekend!

Grenade Free Wednesday @ Jersey Shore has been changed tooooooooo…

GRENADE FREE WEEKEND!!! That’s right, y’all!! And guess who’s in this weekend’s sale? KJIm Apparel yo! These two items are marked down to 100L and on sale ALL weekend long! Now, remember – the Kismet Strapless Bodysuit Autism Puzzle item is a charity item, meaning that 100% of the sales are going to Autism Awareness in conjunction with Lighting the Way. So if you want a little summin for your donation, there ya go!

And if these two don’t tickle your fancy, there’s about 15 other color options to choose from, so definitely go, take a look and enjoy (the other color options, however ARE regular price which is only $125L). All items are available on my marketplace and gifting options are marketplace only. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy



100% of every sale of this outfit goes to charity. This item is for the Lighting the Way – Autism Awareness event and if you’d like to know more, please contact SouthernComfort Magic inworld.


Pride flag was made in honor of my extended family and friends in both the real world and this alternate universe as a show of support for all human life’s choices. No one should be ashamed to love. And for that I stand behind everyone’s choice to do just that, regardless of orientation. ❤

Other color options include: Amaranth (plain and print), Auburn, Black, Bright Green, Cream (plain and cream rose print), Electric Blue, Emerald, Gunmetal, Pink, Red, Vermillion, Violet, Yellow and of course a fat pack with all color options (except the Autism Puzzle outfit) is always available.

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