KJIm: Men’s Mesh Turtlenecks Out Now!

Finally another release for the menfolk of SL!

I couldn’t think of a crafty name for these wonderful sweaters, so Men’s Mesh Turtlenecks it is!! LOL

Men's Mesh Turtleneck Fatpack

The first mesh release for our KJIm gents, this turtleneck is sure to not only keep you nice and toasty for the winter season, but will enhance your already sumptuously strong features as it loosely hangs on your frame.

Available in a plain knit and a cable knit front, each color has two styles to choose from. Issued in the five standard male sizes, our sweaters come in 11 colors (all sold separately with the fatpack available for those who want them all).

This wonderful sweater would make a grand addition to any SL man’s closet.

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