KJIm Apparel: Carlo Low-Rise Boxers

KJIm: Carlo Low-Rise Boxers Fatpack

What a man, what a man, what a man!!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!  Are you tired of the same old boxers your man has been wearing? The standard colors not doing it for ya?

Fellas … want a little change to your wardrobe sure to drive the ladies wild?  Well look no further than right here!  Introducing the Carlo Low-Rise Boxers!

Carlo Low-Rise Boxers are boxers for every man from your average Joe to SL’s next top model. Sleek, sexy and bold…just like we like our men, Carlo is a sure fire way to rev any lady’s (or gentleman’s … depending on your preference) engine and keep it roaring all day, every day.  This yummy eye candy comes in 3 layers (Pants, Underpants and Tattoo) and will be sure to be the perfect complement to any ensemble.

Available in the Fall 2012 Fashion trend colors as well as a select few extras, these boxers are bold, bright and striking, sure to catch the eye of the object of your desire…or even – for our entertaining males – your biggest fan 😉

Available in 15 colors as well as a fat pack, you simply can’t go wrong with Carlo. So bring out the Lethario in YOU and buy yourself a pair today 😉

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